About Carolina Concerns of Police Survivors

How we started....

 Carolina Concerns of Police Survivors received it's Charter from National C.O.P.S. on March 20, 1990 and was registered as a South Carolina corporation on October 1, 1990 with Paula Radford serving as its first President. Paula is the surviving wife of SC Highway Patrol Trooper George Radford, EOW 10/29/1988. Since its organization, Carolina C.O.P.S. has had eight presidents: Paula Radford, Audrey Way, surviving wife of North Charleston Officer Robert A. Way, EOW 2/18/1985; Sally Guerry, surviving wife of Georgetown Asst. Police Chief Spencer Guerry, EOW 3/9/1994; Shelia Myers, surviving wife of Edgefield Deputy Allen "Pete" Myers, EOW 9/19/2000; Susan Parker, surviving wife of SC Highway Patrol L/Cpl. Jonathan Parker, EOW 5/16/2005; Beverly Coates, surviving mother of SC Highway Patrol ACE Team Trooper Mark H. Coates, EOW 11/20/1992; and Lois Rao, surviving mother of SC Highway Patrol - ACE Team Senior Trooper Michael J. Rao, EOW 6/12/2002; Linda Pope, surviving wife of Cincinnati Police Officer Daniel J. Pope, EOW 12/6/1997.

Our Current Board

President Linda Pope

Vice President Nicole Burdette

Treasurer Melita Whitfield

Secretary Misty Nicholson

IPP Lois Rao

Trustee Tonia Smith

Our Current Board

Trustee Rhonda Abrams

Trustee Beverly Coates

Trustee Aly Coates

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7 Wade Hampton Dr., Beaufort, SC 29907