2018 Fallen Heroes

Investigator Farrah Turner

Investigator Farrah Turner suffered fatal gunshot wounds when she and other investigators from the F

 Investigator Farrah Turner suffered fatal gunshot wounds when she and other investigators from the Florence County Sheriff's Office arrived at a home to interview a suspect as part of a sex offense investigation.

Sergeant Terrence Carraway, of the Florence Police Department, was shot and killed while responding to assist the wounded deputies at a house off of Vintage Drive.

Another subject in the house opened fire on the deputies as they approached the house, wounding all three. The man then positioned himself in a vantage point in a second-floor window, giving him a view of fire of several hundred yards. Sergeant Carraway, along with three other Florence police officers, responded to the scene and were attempting to rescue the three wounded deputies when the subject opened fire on them too, shooting all four.

The subject remained barricaded inside of his home for two hours before being taken into custody.

All of the wounded officers were transported to a local hospital where Sergeant Carraway succumbed to his wounds. Investigator Turner underwent nine surgeries and remained in critical condition until succumbing to her wounds on October 22nd, 2018. 

2018 Fallen Heroes

Corporal Dale Hallman


 EOW April 6, 2018. Corporal Dale Hallman was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Pencreek Road while responding to a call at approximately 1:00 a.m.

His patrol car left the roadway and overturned while he was en route to provide canine support in search of a subject who had fled into a wooded area. Corporal Hallman, who also served as a lieutenant with the Saluda County fire department, served with the Saluda County Sheriff's Office for more than five years. He is survived by his  wife and three children. 

Master Deputy James Lester Kirk, Jr.


 EOW April 24, 2018. Master Deputy James Kirk suffered a heart attack during a combat firearms training at the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office range on Reservoir Road. He had just completed the course, which involved a simulated officer down event in which he had to engage targets while moving a 125-pound sandbag to a cover. He collapsed as he walked back to the staging area. Deputy Kirk had served with the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office for three years after having retired from the Lancaster Police Department with 25 years of service. He is survived by his wife and four children. 

Police Officer Terrence Carraway


 EOW  October 3, 2018. Police Officer Terrence Carraway was shot and killed while responding to assist three Florence County Sheriff's Office deputies who had been shot and wounded while serving a sexual assault warrant at a house off of Vintage Drive. 

Another subject in the house opened fire on the deputies as they approached the house, wounding all three. The man then positioned himself in a vantage point in a second-floor window, giving him a view of fire of several hundred yards. Officer Carraway, along with three other Florence police officers, responded to the scene and were attempting to rescue the three wounded deputies when the subject opened fire on them too, shooting all four. All of the wounded officers were transported to a local hospital where Officer Carraway succumbed to his wounds.

The subject remained barricaded inside of his home for two hours before being taken into custody. Officer Carraway had served with the Florence Police Department for 30 years. 

Our Fallen Heroes



1.1.1954  Russell S. Masters  Pickens County Sheriff's Office

1.2.1937  Kenneth E. McNeill  SC Highway Patrol

1.3.1938  K.L. Gohagan  Estill Police Department

1.6.1893  Joseph Trescott  Charleston County Magistrate's Office

1.6.1925  Benjamin P. Carden  Beaufort County Rural Police

1.6.1990  Joshua L. Milligan  St. Stephens Police Department

1.7.1962  Thomas F. Abrams  Spartanburg Police Department

1.8.2002  Dyke Coursen  Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

1.8.2002  Dana L. Tate  Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

1.15.1961  John R. Riddle  SC Highway Patrol

1.15.1976  Doyle H. Hill  SC Wildlife Department

1.15.1993  Thomas C. Harrison  Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

1.18.2018  Michael Doty  York County Sheriff’s Office

1.18.1962  Clarence W. Floyd  Jasper County Sheriff's Office

1.19.2002  Dennis E. LaPage  Charleston Police Department

1.22.2011  Charles Richard (Chuck) Nesbitt, Jr.Sumter Police Department

1.24.1919  Robert Latta  Camden Police Department

1.26.1978  H.M. Harvey  Aiken Department of Public Safety

1.27.1981  Dale E. BarkleyColumbia Police Department

1.28.1909  M.H. Stone  Laurens Police

1.28.2010  Frank Glover  SC Public Service Authority

1.28.2012  Sandra E. Rogers  Aiken Department of Public Safety

1.31.1924  James H. Howard  SC State Constable 


 2.1.1975  Rufus L. Looper III  Greenville County Sheriff's Office  
2.2.1983  Buddy J. Duncan  Pickens County Sheriff's Office

2.3.1957  John F. Dennis  Bonneau Police Department 

2.4.1939  Walter Bell  SC Highway Patrol

2.7.1988  Gary D. Blackwood  Dorchester County Sheriff's Office 

2.7.2010  William Frederick Schuck III  Oconee County Sheriff's Office

2.7.1988  Gary D. BlackwoodDorchester County Sheriff's Office

2.8.1998  Jacob Ham, Jr.  SC Highway Patrol

2.12.1877  Van Buren Hendrix  US Marshals Service

2.15.1934  Hansford M. Reeves  SC Highway Patrol

2.16.1988  J.W. Lundy  Leesville Police Department

2.17.1911  Oliver S. Gunnels  Greenville Police Department

2.18.1985  Robert A. WayNorth Charleston Police Department

2.18.1930  Melton Shields  Spartanburg County. Magistrate's Office

2.21.1971  William F. Chasteen  Greenville Police Department

2.21.1974  Richey O. Finch  Forest Acres Police Department

2.21.1974  Ernest C. Potter  Kershaw County Sheriff's Office

2.26.1989  G. Don Peeler  SC Wildlife Department

2.26.1996  Charles B. Kubala  Sumter County Sheriff's Office

2.27.2005  Mark Jones  Hardeeville Police Department

2.27.2007  Kevin Carper  Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office

2.28.1991  W. J. Illingworth  Cayce Department of Public Safety

2.28.1992  Hardy M. Godbold  SC Highway Patrol 


 3.1.2002  Walter Floyd  Clarendon County Sheriff's Office

3.2.1979  Charles A. Snider  Charleston Police Department

3.4.1925  A. F. Lackey  Greenville Police Department

3.6.1990  Charles Freeman  Aiken County Sheriff's Office 

3.7.1921  Walter C. Holcombe  Easley Police Department

3.7.1949  Henry H. Scarborough  Myrtle Beach Police Department

3.8.1909  Christopher D. Corbin  US Marshall Service

3.8.1909  William B. F. Corbin  US Marshall Service

3.9.1994  C. Spencer Guerry  Georgetown Police Department

3.9.2007  Phillip Michael Deese  Dorchester County Sheriff's Office

3.10.1973  Fulton H. Anthony  SC Highway Patrol

3.12.1936  Joe Byrd  SC Department of Corrections

3.12.1976  William P. Messer  Charleston County Sheriff's Office

3.12.2005  J. Alex Burdette  Anderson County Sheriff's Office

3.18.2016  Allen Lee Jacobs  Greenville Police Department

3.18.1956  Alvis B. Phillips  Greenwood Police Department

3.23.1931  David H. Hyatt  McColl Police Department

3.25.1989  Jerry W. Shelton  Cottageville Police Department

3.25.2007  Lonnie Wells  Moncks Corner Police Department

3.26.2007  Marcus Stiles  Moncks Corner Police Department

3.27.1948  Leon W. Gooding  Charleston County Police Department  

3.27.2010  Kevin Cusack  SC Highway Patrol

3.30.1980  Willie J. Blakely  Laurens County Sheriff's Office

3.31.1968  G arnett E. Dabney SC ABC Commission 


4.2.1987  Otis Grier  Greenwood County Sheriff's Department

4.2.2003  Antonio J. Sapinoso  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

4.4.1978  Joel M. Robertson  Charleston County Police Department

4.5.2000  David T. Bailey  SC Highway Patrol

4.5.2004  Roger Myers  Charleston Police Department

4.6.2018  Dale Shannon Hallman  Saluda County Sheriff’s Office

4.6.1937  William M. Strange  Sumter County Rural Police

4.9.1997  Joseph C. Rodgers  Florence County Sheriff's Office  

4.11.1926  James Wilson  Anderson County Sheriff's Office

4.11.1986  John C. Williamson  Dillon County Sheriff's Office

4.11.1986  Carroll J. Taylor  Dillon County Sheriff's Office

4.12.1999  Tommy Prezzy  Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office

4.13.2017  Jason Gregory Harris  Spartanburg Police Department

4.13.1904  J. P. Tucker  Greenville Police Department

4.15.1947  Willis E. Sanders  Anderson Police Department  

4.15.1987  Robert P. Perry, Jr.SC Highway Patrol

4.17.199  0Russell R. Bell  Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

4.17.1992  John M. Dial  Richland County Sheriff's Department

4.17.1995  Michael A. Chappell  SC Highway Patrol

4.19.1878  Rufus H. Springs  US Marshalls Service

4.20.1899  John J. Bean, Jr.Charleston Police Department

4.20.1953  Ulysses Dobson  Hartsville Police Department

4.20.1975  Charles G. Sheppard  Anderson Police Department

4.20.1994  Randall L. Hester  SC Highway Patrol

4.22.1950  Rufus H. Rodgers  Aiken Police Department

4.24.2018 James Lester Kirk, Jr. Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

4.25.1925  Henry H. Howard  Aiken County Sheriff's Office

4.25.1954Lucius JenneretteTimmonsville Police Department

4.26.1976Julian BranchClio Police Department

4.27.1976  Robert F. Sexton  Olanta Police Department

4.28.1979  Jesse L. Mallett  Clarendon County Sheriff's Department

4.29.1957  James E. Tillotson  Anderson County Sheriff's Office  

4.29.1971  Theodore Turner  Kershaw County Sheriff's Department

4.30.1906  Eli Pittman  Greenville Count 


5.1.1932  Julius C. Bunch  Charleston Police Department

5.1.1932  A. B. Hunt  Greenville Police Department

5.2.1941  J.T. L. McCord  Greenwood Police Department

5.2.1983  Harold N. Cousar III  Florence City Police Department

5.3.1987  Donald R. Hayes  Marion County Sheriff's Office

5.3.2008  William Howell  Orangeburg C. Sheriff's Office

5.4.1978  Joel M. Robertson  Charleston Police Department

5.4.2005  Byron "Keith" Cannon  Richland County Sheriff's Office

5.6.1932  Snyder L. Risher  Charleston Police Department

5.7.1921  G. S. Burroughs  Greenville Police Department

5.7.1947  George D. Tilley  Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

5.9.1970  William C. Doster  Chester County Sheriff's Office

5.9.1970  James B. Waters  Chester County Sheriff's Office

5.11.1968  James Owens, Jr.  Charleston County Police Department

5.11.1975  Harvey L. Middleton  Berkeley County Sheriff's Department

5.14.1904  William J. Cox  Greenville County Magistrate

5.14.2007  Robert L. Bailey  SC Constable

5.15.1965  Levis T. Sexton  Anderson County Sheriff's Office

5.16.2005  Jonathan W. Parker  SC Highway Patrol

5.17.1924  B. H. Hatcher  Marlboro County Sheriff's Department

5.18.1910  Hilton T. Smith  Columbia Police Department

5.19.1945  William E. Evans  Whitmire Police Department

5.19.2013  Tim Causey  Horry County Police Department

5.19.1959  Henry C. Yonce  SC Highway Patrol

5.19.1973  Charlie A. Rodgers  Greenwood County Sheriff's Office

5.19.1982  Robert D. Sadler  SC Wildlife Department

5.21.1924  Ernest S. Blackmon  Lane Police Department

5.21.1924  Ernest S. Blackmon  Lane Police Department

5.21.1999  Perrin R. Love II  Charleston Police Department

5.24.1983  John R. Clinton  SC Highway Patrol

5.25.1946  Warren C. Guerry  Berkeley County Magistrate

5.28.1941  George G. Broome  SC Highway Patrol

5.30.1915  J. E. Holcombe  Greenville Police Department

5.31.1974  Ben W. Strickland III  SC Highway Patrol 


 6.1.2017  Devin Hodges  Anderson County Sheriff's Department

6.1.1933  John D. Cunningham  SC Highway Patrol

6.1.1936  G. L. Phillips  Chesnee Police Department

6.2.1926  Lucius M. Player  Newberry County Sheriff's Office

6.2.1974  L.C. Williamson  Perry Police Department

6.4.1925  J. R. Snoddy  Spartanburg Co. Sheriff's Office

6.4.1965  Leroy Myers  Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office

6.5.2000  Dennis J. Lyden  Horry County Police Department

6.6.1927  Elmo F. Langford  Beaufort County Rural Police

6.6.1989  Lawrence W. Bragg III  Newberry County Sheriff's Office

6.7.1961  Thurston F. Meeks  New Ellenton Police Department

6.7.1979  David McIlver  Sawnsea Police Department

6.7.1992  Hubert L. Lloyd  Charleston County Sheriff's Office

6.7.1992  William A. Nalley  Charleston County Sheriff's Office

6.8.1979  Willie E. Peeples  SC Highway Patrol

6.8.1982  Henry B. Morris  Clarendon County Sheriff's Office

6.9.1932  William P. Lancaster  SC Highway Patrol

6.9.1932  Joe C. Wall  Chesnee Police Department

6.9.1989  William M. Banks  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

6.11.1927  Samuel D. Willis  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

6.11.2003  Joseph S. Quarles  Laurens County Sheriff's Office

6.12.2002  Michael J. Rao  SC Highway Patrol

6.14.1915  Raleigh Boulware  Fairfield County Sheriff's Office

6.14.1915  Adam D. Hood  Fairfield County Sheriff's Office

6.15.1971  Clayton K. Woods  Laurens County Sheriff's Office

6.17.1955  Lawrence B. Aytes  Charleston Police Department

6.17.1955  Jessie C. Benton  Charleston Police Department

6.17.1955  James F. Tindal  Charleston Police Department

6.18.1956  Arnold R. Carter  SC Highway Patrol

6.20.1953  Allen F. Bennett  Richland County Sheriff's Office

6.20.1942  William H. Frey  Spartanburg Police Department

6.21.1989  Harry M. Coker, Jr.  SC Highway Patrol

6.23.1892  Jeremiah Hughes  Easley Town Marshal

6.23.1996  Randall S. Hewitt  SC Highway Patrol

6.25.1934  James W. Hite  Columbia Police Department

6.25.1977  Glenmore P. Williams  Benedict College Campus Police

6.25.1986  John R. Floyd  Horry County Police Department

6.26.1998  Gilbert F. Halma  Cheraw Police Department 

Our Fallen Heroes



7.1.1957  Cecil W. Watford  Columbia Police Department

7.2.1904  William Foster  Greer Police Department

7.2.1942  Claude R. DuBose  Lamar Police Department

7.2.1973  James E. Orr  Kershaw County Sheriff's Department

7.2.1904  William Z. Foster  Greer Police Department

7.3.1915  Raleigh Boulware  Fairfield County. Sheriff's Office

7.4.1919  Hendrix Rector  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

7.4.1937  Frank Sowell  Lancaster Police Department

7.5.1977  J. T. McAteer  Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

7.6.1927  . B. Amaker  SC State Constable

7.7.1904  Columbus Jones  Pickens County Magistrate's Office

7.7.2002  Kenneth J. Johnson  SC Highway Patrol

7.9.1992  Thomas W. Spears  Florence County Sheriff's Office

7.10.2000  Ferris E. Catoe III  Camden Police Department

7.12.1943  Kemp P. Modlin  Marlboro County Sheriff's Office

7.13.1938  L. Lawson Rhodes  SC Highway Patrol

7.14.1924  Henry B. Graves  Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office

7.14.1936  Purce A. Wansley  Charleston Police Department

7.14.1940  Walter L. Miller  Charleston Police Department

7.14.2011  Roger Rice, Jr.  Laurens County Sheriff's Office

7.16.1916  James Duffy  Charleston Police Department

7.17.1932  Elliott Harris  York County Sheriff's Office

7.18.1919  Jesse F. Bateman  SC State Constable

7.18.1963  Clarence P. McGee  Pacolet Police Department

7.18.2004  James E. Myers  Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

7.19.1979  Robert A. Mobley  SC Highway Patrol

7.21.1949  Claude M. Parsons  Georgetown County Sheriff's Office

7.22.1949  Joseph S. Gunnell  West Columbia Police Department

7.25.197  4Philip G. Schlatterer  Columbia Police Department

7.25.1949  Frank Floyd  SC Wildlife Department

7.27.1970  Alfred A. Thomason  SC Highway Patrol

7.28.1972  Berry D. Creamer  Anderson County Sheriff's Office 


8.1.2015  Delton Daniels  Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office

8.1.1943  Harry C. Stabler  St. Matthews Police Department

8.3.1970  James P. Bagwell  Greenville County Jail

8.6.2008  Dennis Compton  Colleton County Sheriff's Office

8.13.1967  Earl D. Compton  Iva Police Department

8.13.1999  Marcus L. Whitfield  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

8.14.1924  William L. Gibson  Anderson Police Department

8.14.1947  Coleman McAteer  Lancaster County Magistrate's Office

8.15.1955  Joseph Vega  Charleston Police Department

8.17.1921  Henry F. Brown  Columbia Police Department

8.17.2003  Andrew J. Mazur  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

8.18.1991  William J. Werner IV  Westminster Police Department

8.19.1969  Richard V. Woods  SC Highway Patrol

8.21.1986  Douglas M. Jones  Lexington County Sheriff's Office

8.22.1939  G. Forrest Krell  Newberry Police Department

8.22.1970  Thomas J. Fox  Lexington County Sheriff's Department

8.22.1989  Richard W. Gould  Florence Police Department

8.24.1992  Charles J. Smith  Allendale County Sheriff's Office

8.26.1917  James A. Stewart  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

8.26.1923  Hampton Patterson  Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office

8.26.1980  Clell B. Floyd  Lake City Police Department

8.27.1962  Carl Baker  Andrews Police Department

8.28.1920  Arthur Hughes  Honea Path Police Department

8.31.1998  W. Jonathan Crawley  Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office 


9.2.1899  Samuel Tobias  Clarendon County Magistrate's Office

9.2.1947  J. D. Livingston  Newberry Police Department

9.7.1958  Harry B. Ray  SC Highway Patrol

9.7.1959  Woodrow W. Nailey  Easley Police Department

9.8.2014  Joseph Matuskovic  Charleston County Sheriff's Office

9.9.1958  Fern Thompson  Charleston Police Department

9.10.1966  Marion C. Steele  SC Highway Patrol

9.12.1932  Lawrence Strock  Charleston Police Department

9.12.1965  John P. Martin  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

9.12.1986  Henry O. Stalvey  Horry County Police Department

9.14.1945  Walter Evans  Greeleyville Police Department

9.15.1933  Walter L. Longshore  Newberry Police Department

9.17.1956  Robert J. McIntyre  SC Wildlife Department

9.17.2000  Alvin S. Glenn  Richland County Detention Center

9.18.1928  Luther Martin  Anderson County Sheriff's Office

9.18.1916  E. J. Alsobrooks  Marlboro County Sheriff's Office

9.19.1929  Dock M. Garrett  Greenville County Convict Guard

9.19.1977  Stephen A. Breland  Colleton County Sheriff's Office

9.19.1996  J. Russell Sorrow  Greenville Police Department

9.19.2000  Allen "Pete" Myers  Edgefield County Sheriff's Office

9.19.2009  Jonathan Nash  SC Highway Patrol

9.20.1925  Mike Knotts  Wagener Police Department

9.20.1977  Sherman R. Massey  Laurens County Sheriff's Office

9.20.1983  Mathew M. Beacham, Jr.  Greenville Police Department

9.22.1908  L. Pressley Reeves  SC Wildlife Department

9.22.1926  George M. Myers  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

9.23.1940  Harlan M. Smith  SC Highway Patrol

9.23.1982  W. Eugene Jones  Laurens County Sheriff's Office

9.25.1992  James B. McCants  York County Sheriff's Office

9.26.1970  James H. Murphy  Fairfield County Sheriff's Office

9.26.1970  Alfred L. Perry  Fairfield County Sheriff's Office

9.27.1985  Bruce K. Smalls  SC Highway Patrol

9.30.1900  James C. Scurry  Georgetown Police Department

9.30.1941  Joseph P. Monroe  SC Highway Patrol

9.30.2015  Gregory Alia  Forest Acres Police Department 


10.1.1925  Ellis Shields  Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office

10.1.1980  Michael D. Laws  Chester County Sheriff's Office

10.3.2018 Sgt. Terrence Carraway Florence Police Dept.

10.3.1974  Charles L. McNeill  SC Wildlife Department

10.5.1950   Albert T. Sealy  SC Highway Patrol

10.5.1914  John. F. Lindsey  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

10.5.1919  A. M. Blair  Greenville Police Department

10.5.1919  J. L. Kitchens  Greenville Police Department

10.6.1944  Keith Ellsworth  Charleston Police Department

10.7.1981  Joel D. Hughes  Pickens County Sheriff's Office

10.8.1972  Roy. O. Caffey  SC Highway Patrol

10.9.1996  C. Rick Pope  Fountain Inn Police Department

10.10.1932  Lawrence M. Strock  Charleston Police Department

10.10.1965  John. R. Martin  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

10.10.1980  Michael Laws  Chester County Sheriff's Office

10.11.1928  W. H. Talley  Oconee County Rural Police

10.12.1931  Ralph W. McCracken  SC Highway Patrol

10.12.1986  Allan R. Brazzell  Sumter County Sheriff's Office

10.15.1978  William D. Breland  Walterboro Police Department

10.16.2003  Donnie R. Washington  Richland County Sheriff's Office

10.22.2018 Investigator Farrah Turner Florence County Sheriff's Office

10.23.1999  Brian S. Mills  Lexington County Sheriff's Department

10.24.2017  Daniel Keith Rebman, Jr.  South Carolina Highway Patrol

10.24.1930  Perry Paris  Greenville County Sheriff's Office

10.28.1986  Gary A. Thompson  Gray Court Police Department

10.29.1982  Steven B. Hiott  Charleston County Police Department

10.29.1988  George T. Radford  SC Highway Patrol

10.31.1966  Claude V. Southerlin, Jr.  Greenville County Sheriff's Office 


11.1.1923Charlie L. JohnsonAiken Police Department

11.1.1975  Ray G. Moore  SC Wildlife Department

11.3.1973  Edgar D. Cooley  Honea Path Police Department

11.5.2014  Holmes N. Smith, Jr. Clarendon County Sheriff's Office

11.7.2015  Stacey L. Case  Columbia Police Department

11.9.1968  William A. Singleton  Rock Hill Police Department

11.9.2002  R. L. Wiles, Jr.  Elloree Police Department

11.10.1939  Joseph Lamb  Union County Sheriff's Office

11.10.1939  Joseph L. Lamb  Union County Sheriff's Department

11.11.1928  Henry Stanfield  Marlboro County Sheriff's Office

11.11.1921  J. Hay Fant  Union County Sheriff's Office

11.12.1797  Robert Maxwell  Washington District

11.13.1981  David L. Alverson  SC Highway Patrol

11.15.1926  E. W. Johnson  Florence Police Department

11.15.1974  William T. Cribb  Charleston County Police Department

11.16.1941  W. D. Allen  Edgefield County Sheriff's Office

11.17.1911  Wade H. Patterson  Aiken Police Department

11.18.1941  William L. Clark  Edgefield County Sheriff's Department

11.19.1935  Ed Hennecy  SC Highway Patrol

11.19.1926  E. W. Johnson  Florence Police Department

11.19.2002  William B. Bell  Summerville Police Department

11.19.2002  Marion E. Wright II  Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

11.20.1992  Mark H. Coates  SC Highway Patrol

11.21.1991  Marvin L. Titus  SC Highway Patrol

11.22.1953  Joseph W. Price  Lexington County Sheriff's Office

11.28.1985  Valdon O. Keith  SC State Constable

11.29.2013  Joseph Antwine  Florence County Sheriff's Office 


12.3.1934David DeasonPageland Police Department

12.6.1951  Junius P. Lewis  Charleston Police Department

12.6.2000  Eric F. Nicholson  SC Highway Patrol

12.7.1992  Christopher L. Taylor  Anderson County Sheriff's Office

12.7.2006  Jason L. Sheppard  Aiken County Sheriff's Office

12.8.2017  James Eric Chapman  Johnston Police Department

12.8.1942  William H. Wilson  Charleston Police Department

12.8.2003  Donald M. Ouzts  Abbeville County Magistrate's Office

12.8.2003  Danny Wilson  Abbeville County Sheriff's Office

12.9.1937  Frank Wright  Gaffney Police Department

12.12.1937  John O. Sanders  SC Department of Corrections

12.13.1995  Calvin A. Perry  Saluda Police Department

12.13.1985  V. Edward Kee  Mt. Pleasant Police Department

12.14.1991  David O'Brien  SC Highway Patrol

12.14.2007  Darrel K. Lane  Richland County Sheriff's Office

12.15.1988  Thomas L. Kerney  Leesville Police Department

12.16.1975  Wesley J. Smith  Charleson Police Department

12.21.1855  William T. Cross  Columbia Police Department

12.21.2011  E. Scott Richardson  Aiken Department of Public Safety

12.22.1879  John Harlow  Charleston Police Department

12.22.1969  A. C. Campbell  SC Wildlife Department

12.23.1977  H. A. Williams  Aiken County Sheriff's Office

12.24.1992  Edward J. Alva  Richland Co. Sheriff's Office

12.24.1949  Norris Nettles  SC Highway Patrol

12.25.1934  Edwin D. Milam  SC Highway Patrol

12.25.1956  William L. Acker  Anderson Police Department

12.25.1970  Jimmy A. Traylor  SC Highway Patrol

12.25.1980  T. D. Tindal, Sr.  Georgetown Police Department

12.27.1947  Grady Martin  Florence Police Department

12.29.2001  Randy G. Gerald  Horry County Sheriff's Office

12.29.1999  K. Shaye Walker  Lexington County Sheriff's Office

12.29.2002  Joseph J. McGarry  Myrtle Beach Police Department

12.30.1900  J. R. Kennedy  Abbeville County Sheriff's Office

12.31.1975  Steven W. Jordan  Rock Hill Police Department

12.31.1997  Frankie L. Lingard  SC Highway Patrol